Our dresses, shirts and suits are unique – as well as our clients

Our client and his unique personality stands always in the center of our business. We transfer his personality to his tailor made clothes, such as suits, shirts or trousers. This is our philosophy and it convinces our clients all over the world.

Among our clients there are celebrities such as politicians, actors and business men. But we do not want to benefit from their names. We like our clothing to tell its own tales, because Jack and Dave clothe everyone who is enjoying precious materials, exclusive design and individual style. Name and position is not important to us. Discretion is our supreme order.

What we always target is the quality of our work and the individuality of your outfit. These are the wishes we always fulfil, at a hundred percent, with no compromises. We study our clients in our meetings and preparations. We discover their preferences and their style. Of course we are always honest and we would tell you if something would not enrobe you.

Our goal is that you present yourself in your best style. All measurements will be taken in detail and double checked every time we meet, because we are changing all the time. We do not make compromises, neither with our craftsmanship, our materials nor with our staff.

Our partners

Easy-care and durable – with attention to detail

This is the way we clothe our clients, to catch someone’s eye, always in the most positive way. It does not matter whether you need a fashionable dress for a reception party an exclusive dress for a special occasion or a unobtrusive suit for a meeting – dressed in our clothing you will represent personality, strength, uniqueness and charm. If our clients inspire us with new ideas and extraordinary wishes we will answer them with breathtaking designs.

Claim for individuality and craftsmanship.

Because of our individual and skilled work we could convince exclusive fashion boutiques and mail-order houses. Famous names let produce their fashion in our studios in Pattaya City in Thailand.

You can trust that Jack & Dave have conquered the Haute Couture already. But preferably we serve our individual clients on the spot, worldwide and in person.