Our customer service is tailor made as well

We are proud to say that people all over the world enjoy our exclusive tailor made clothes made in Thailand. We love to serve them – not only with our skills as tailors and our craftsmanship. Because real service implies being on the spot, being there where our clients live.

We know how occupied hardworking business men and are. That is why we come to you.

And our promise is meant literally. We travel to Europe several times a year to manufacture tailor made suits, shirts, dresses and trousers for our clients. We carry our expertise in materials, design and fashion trends with us to have it available for our appointments. It is our pleasure to assist you when looking for special clothes for special events. In any case you will be sure that the result of our cooperation will be an exclusive individual piece of clothing that perfectly reflects your personality.

We suggest several appointments in Germany and Austria, Belgium and the Netherlands, in Finland and a lot of further European countries. This way we try to reach all of our clients in Europe in person. You will be able to meet either Jack or Dave in one of those countries at an agreed place. We can meet you at home, at your working place or in a hotel of your choice.

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Our international On-the-Spot Service

Enjoy the familiar and relaxing atmosphere to discuss your wishes, get more information on design and materials and let our experts answer your questions. Of course we will do the measurements also. So you will benefit from the all-in-all-service on the spot offered by your tailors with international kudos. No need to surf the internet’s online shops, it is not necessary to explore complicated product introductions. Directly on the spot you can discover the materials, feel the quality, touch silk and cashmere materials and choose whatever you like best.

Don’t waste your time but check your time schedule instead. Make an appointment with us and Jack or Dave will visit you at our earliest convenience. Our tailors will always be in one city for several days to take their time to inform and advice our clients. We hope you will take your time as well for our meeting, so that your new tailor made suit, your exclusive dress or other clothing will come up to your complete expectations. Of course we would be pleased to welcome you in our factory in Thailand as well where you can get our advice or clothe yourself in our studio.